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Precision Machining

Ensuring Precision and Reliability in Every Component

Our Quality Assurance Promise

Total Manufacturing utilizes Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) to measure our machined parts with a high level of accuracy and precision. They are the cornerstone of our quality assurance process to ensure the precision and compliance to specification of our machine parts. Their ability to provide accurate and repeatable measurements makes them invaluable to provide consistency and reliability of our products.

  • High Precision and Accuracy:   Extremely accurate and precise measurements, often down to .0001”
  • Versatility: Capable of measuring complex geometric shapes and surfaces.
  • Reproducible Results:  Consistent and repeatable measurements
  • Data Collection: Collects a large amount of data points, creating detailed reports about the dimensions and geometries.

CNC Milling

CNC milling offers several advantages, including high precision, repeatability, and the ability to produce complex and intricate parts. It is widely used for tasks ranging from prototype development to large-scale production. We have various sizes and configurations, from simple 3-axis machines to more complex 5-axis machines capable of machining intricate shapes from multiple angles.

Large Gantry mills or bridge-type milling 

Our large bridge mills are capable of achieving high levels of precision machining on very large, heavy duty parts or weldments   We currently have three large bridge-type machines: 

  • 40” x 90”
  • 60” x 100”
  • 96” x 200”
These bridge-type machines are ideal for their versatility, large work envelope, rigid and stable structures that enable improved cutting performance and ultimately lower cost through reduced set-ups and tool changes.   Ask us about our plans to go even bigger !

CNC Turning

CNC turning produces high-precision cylindrical components efficiently and consistently. CNC lathes come in various configurations, including 2-axis, 3-axis, and multi-axis machines. We have a maximum OD diameter of 28”

EDM Sinker and Wire

EDM processes can achieve exceptionally tight tolerances and intricate shapes that are difficult or impossible to produce with conventional machining methods. EDM is suitable for applications where dimensional accuracy is critical.

Why EDM?

  • For cutting, shaping, or drilling hard and heat-resistant materials like tool steel, titanium, carbide, and various exotic alloys. 
  • For complex and intricate geometries, including deep and narrow slots, fine details, and sharp corners. 
  • For minimal heat-affected zones and mechanical stresses on the workpiece. This is important for maintaining material integrity, especially in delicate or heat-sensitive parts.
  • For parts with virtually no burrs, allowing for smoother finished surfaces and reducing the need for post-processing or deburring operations.
  • For drilling small, deep holes with high precision. 

Manual Milling (Bridgeport) and Turning (Engine Lathe)

There are situations where using a manual machine is more appropriate than a CNC.    

Manual machines are well-suited for producing simple parts or prototypes where the setup time for programming and configuring a CNC lathe may not be justified.  However, manual machines require skilled operators who can manually control the cutting tool’s movements, set the cutting speeds and feeds, and adjust the machine as needed, all of which Total Manufacturing has in-house.


Grinding is a crucial machining process used for various purposes, including achieving tight tolerances, improving surface finish, and preparing workpieces for subsequent operations.  Total Manufacturing offers:

  • Surface Grinding: Used to produce a smooth, flat surface on a workpiece. Surface grinding is ideal for achieving tight tolerances and high-quality surface finishes.
  • ID/OD Grinding: Designed for grinding cylindrical workpieces. They are used to create cylindrical, conical, or contoured shapes.
  • Rotary Grinding: Employs a rotating abrasive wheel to grind flat surfaces on various materials.

Custom, Precision Machine Welding, Fabrication, Assembly and Paint

We manufacture custom steel machine tables, tabletops, mounting stands and a variety of other custom machine builder accessories.  We specialize in JIG/MIG welding, fabrication, assembly and painting services.  Our structural steel bases and frames are fabricated from 2″ – 4″ hollow, square steel tubing or the material of your choice. We manufacture tabletops from large, thick plate burnouts, precision surface blanchard grinding to tighter tolerances, machining to specifications via our large capacity vertical and horizontal mills. We offer:

  1. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Skilled JIG welders and fabricators who can handle complex projects with precision and attention to detail.
  2. Customization: All of our Fabrication work is custom and tailored to customer needs
  3. Wide Range of Materials: We work with various materials, including metals (steel, aluminum, stainless, etc.) to accommodate diverse project requirements.
  4. Versatility: We tackle small-scale prototypes to large structural components. 
  5. Our precision milling centers have part windows:
    1. 60”x100”
    2. 40”x90”
    3. 96”x200”

Secondary Services Provided

  • Heat Treat
    • Induction Hardening
    • Vacuum Hardening
    • Hardened Draw
    • Carburize
  • Black Oxide
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Plating & Flashing – Nickel and Chrome
  • Polishing

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